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Tip:Find a great deal and save up to 20% by booking at least 60 days prior to your desired departure date, rather than waiting until the week of travel. According to our data, there are numbers flights deals across a range of Australian and international destinations.
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Tip:The best prices are usually found in February or March, booked 49 days in advance, depart on a Wednesday or Tuesday.
Top 6 airlines flying to New Zealand
Qantas Airwayssthsth 2
JetStarsthsth 2
Air New Zealandsthsth 2
Virgin Australiasthsth 2
LATAM Airlinessthsth 2
Emiratessthsth 2
Tip:Find a great deal and save up to 30% by booking at least 55 days prior to your desired departure date with the cheapest ticket starting at $440.
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